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what we do.

Serving the Mid-South with competitive advertising and marketing programs to give you a local voice in front of the customers you value most. 

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Custom Advertising Packages

Find your favorite customers with digital, radio, or outdoor advertisements- our packages will get your content delivered.  Your product needs attention, and we can build the perfect advertising portfolio to do just that. 

Listing Management

Google isn't the only place customers can look for your business.  Let's get your listings set up the right way, as well as get you in all the prime directories for your niche.  Help your customers find you easier, as well as boost your SEO. 

Digital Strategy

Have you explored all the ways to get your business in front of the right people with the right message?   Get a free consultation to see if our marketing tactics will provide you with insight towards getting more sales. 

Social Media

Every business is different, and we

understand that your needs are unique.  Packages custom-built ensure your online presence reflects your brand and organization while reaching your strategic goals. 

Media & Print

Designing Logos, Brochures, Posters,

T-shirts, Stickers, and just about anything you can print on.  Let's discuss what's on your agenda is for this year and design custom work that grabs the attention your brand deserves. 

Website Development

Whether a new build is in order, or you want to just update a few pages, our team can design it, build it, and maintain it.  We work with many different types of sites to ensure your pages are made to launch your customers toward a sale. 

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Let's discuss your ideas for 2023 and beyond, and make a plan that fits your budget, timeline, and brand.  Schedule a consultation to discover how your business can grow with IMPACT Marketing.


our process is EASY

We are dedicated to providing businesses with the best options for growth strategy.  Our process takes great care in discovering your needs, matching what current technology is available, and delivering a final product that is built to achieve the performance indicators you choose. 

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30-minute free consultation

In your first meeting, we will discover what your intentions are for growing your business, and then make sure there is a good fit between your growth model and the services we provide.


We never want to work with someone who can't benefit from our services.  Whether you need just the right team to promote or some strategic guidance,  get in touch for a free consultation, and if you are in- get ready to make an impact. 

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After a commitment to work together, expect to move forward with a plan that is built for your budget.


You may hear some new ideas so get your brain cells ready to collaborate towards a diverse and effective solution. Planned timelines, performance analytics, and promotional strategy are key to success.

Multi-platform, custom-curated, promotions sent only to your favorite clients.

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We want to make sure you rock.  If you are successful, we are too!  Sit back and relax while we deliver your custom plan of promotion to your favorite customers.

With zoom calls, email, and telephone, we are always a touch away.  We can't wait to deliver results, and since you are part of our team, answering your questions and concerns is paramount to the success of your campaign!   

have us contact you.

Thank you, we will be in contact soon.

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